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Platform Governance & Management

An end-to-end platform governance and user management, granting organizations freedom and provide flexibility via robust microservices architecture kubernates portable, extensible and accessible.

Platform governance and management contains five sub modules such as

  • Project Management Service.
  • User Management Service.
  • Platform Control Plane.
  • Platform Telemetry Plane.
  • Platform Security Plane.

Project Management

Project Management is basically to keep track of and handle Projects. You can create projects, update projects, and delete projects too. You can assign project modules, create a role for a particular project assign permissions, etc.

User Management

At the time of onboarding the users, they will also require a platform to create users, update them, and delete them if requires. For this purpose, the User Management APIs are there. Once you create a user an auto-generated password will be created and you can use it to log into the platform.

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