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Certified By CISO
Certified by Independent Audit, Verification and Validation team
Assured KPIs for "High CNCF Maturity" (CNCF Audit Trail Map)
Assure & Validated KPIs for "Zero Trust Security" (powered by SCSS)

Assured & Validated KPIs for "DevSecOps 2.0" (DSOP by DoD)
Assured & Validated KPIs for Cloud SOC, Multi-Tenancy, Control & Telemetry SPOG-Plane
Assure & Validated KPIs for "Zero Trust Security" (powered by SCSS)
Proven Architecture (Certified by TDA)

Developed in Partnership with Hyperscaler

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  • Mukesh Jain
    IDEA Head

  • Harsh Vardhan
    IDEA Chief Digital Leader & Chief Technology Architect

  • Eric Reich
    Offer Leader and Global Head AI & Data Engineering VP

  • Aurobindo Saha
    IDEA Principal Sales Architect

  • Sameer Kolhatkar
    IDEA GTM Lead

  • Sandip Brahmachari
    IDEA D&S Lead sandip.brahmachary@capgemini.com

  • Anupam Srivastava
    IDEA Engineering Lead

  • Subramanian Srinivasan
    IDEA Shared Services Lead