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An end-to-end platform for building your Knowledge Graph

Ontology Editor & Ontology Visualization

Make visualization smooth, easy to understand and simpler to interpret ,which can convey the right information for efficient decision making. Ontologies can be edited interactively and analyzed with our tools and let you implement a rich set of knowledge structures and actions which enable creation, visualization manipulation ,and visualization in desired formats.

This is a service which provides an end-to-end ontology workbench which offers features like ontologies editing, change tracking, customizable user interface, sharing and collaboration, visualization, export / import of ontology in various formats like RDF/XML, Turtle, and OWL/XML. Domain-based ontologies have been enabled for finance, telecom, manufacturing, CPRD, and lifescience to give end users a head start. These domain ontologies are industry standards ontologies such as FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology), biomedical for life sciences, TSDO standard for telecom, which can be customized based on user needs. There are two types of ontology services i.e. Ontology Editor & Ontology Visualization service


Ontology Workbench Features

A brief summary

Ontology Editor


Vocabulary service

Ontology Toolkit

Ontology Editor

This service enables user to edit/ create ontologies which
  • Provides ability to end users to upload an ontology via web base editor.
  • Full change tracking and revision history.
  • Collaboration tools such as, sharing and permissions, threaded notes and discussions, watches, and email notifications.
  • Multiple file formats for upload and publish to cloud of ontologies (supported formats: RDF/XML, Turtle, OWL/XML, and others).
  • Ontology Upload This feature allows user to upload an existing domain specific ontology to web-based editor in supported formats i.e. RDF/XML, Turtle, OWL/XML.
  • Ontology Build / Edit This is the workspace that allows users to build new ontology from scratch or edit and existing ontology
  • Ontology Sharing This feature enables users to share ontologies amongst teams for collaborative ontology building and editing.

Ontology Visualisation

This service is integrated with WebVOWL - a web application for the interactive visualization of ontologies. It implements the visual notation for OWL Ontologies (VOWL) by providing graphical depictions for elements of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) that are combined to a force-directed graph layout representing the ontology. Interaction techniques allow to explore the ontology and to customize the visualization.

The VOWL visualizations are automatically generated from JSON files into which the ontologies need to be converted.

This service offers

  • Ability to visualize published ontology via web-based visualization services.
  • Interactive visualization editor provides features to traverse the ontology.
  • Options for end users to export the ontology to RDF/XML json format from visualization service.
  • Integration with IDEA user interface and API management platform.

Ontology Vocabulary Service

  • Ability to create, edit and publish SKOS, Thesauri ontology via web-based interface.
  • Integration with external triple stores like GraphDB & support for RDF4J with other stores compliant with RDF4J client API.
  • Collaborative working and visualization support for Ontology.
  • History stored as triples in a triple store; content as action metadata and actual list of changed triples.
  • Integration with IDEA user interface and built-in user management features with RBAC and project level access.

Ontology Toolkit Services

A collection of all the tools and services that enables end-to-end IDEA Ontology and Knowledge Engineering Pipeline.

  • Neo4J
  • GraphDB
  • Webprotege (Finance, Lifescience, CPRD)
  • VocBench
  • WebVOWL

  • Design for Industrialization

    Service Benefits

    Improving metadata and provenance

    Allowing user to make better sense of data thus enhancing data qualities.

    Functions like a ‘Brain’

    They ‘work and reason’ with concepts and relationships in ways that are close to the way humans perceive interlinked concepts. Also, easy to extend as relationships and concept matching are easy to add to existing ontologies.

    More coherent and easy navigation

    User can create, edit, and understand complex ontology structure for any domain and thus make it easier to understand complex concept.

    Easier data-driven analytics

    Represents any data format - unstructured, semi-structured or structured data, enabling smoother data integration, easier concept and text mining, and analytics.
    The data migration service relies on Spark and Cloud specific native services like ADF, Glue. Spark clusters as well as ADF and Glue can auto-scale very fast, hence data migration services can scale for large data and the scaling also depends on the source scalability. For movement of a large volume of data, network utilization may shoot up and there is a dependency on network bandwidth between on-premises and cloud.
    Yes, please contact the IDEA Support team.
    Currently, IDEA uses Airflow. For other data workflow orchestration technologies, IDEA needs to be customized. Please contact IDEA Support team for placing your request.
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