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Idea on GCP

Accelerating your journey to a data-powered enterprise


Through a modular design and platform-as-code, IDEA by Capgemini provides organizations with a flexible and customizable approach to data estate modernization. IDEA by Capgemini delivers a clear, fast, and scalable path from innovation to industrialization, shrinking the data estate modernization timeline while enabling enterprise-wide AI & analytics adoption to accelerate business value.


Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration is a suite of accelerators, frameworks, methodologies, best practices, and implementation guidance for Data Estate Modernization projects.

Migration Asset

The advanced tooling needed to analyse the existing data estate and create a customized migration plan to a modern hybrid multi-cloud platform.

Cloud Data Foundation

A flexible scalable architecture that ferderates data from multiple sources ingests - batch, stream and API based and building a cloud-based datalake.


Integrates various data and AI components, to create a collaborative AI Hub that enables Data and AI workloads and solutions at scale.


Accelerated AI & Analytics with IDEA – Ontology Workbench to enable end users to create, upload and share Ontology via web based editor and visualizer feature.


Framework for Control, Monitoring, Auditing, Reconciliation and oversees all aspects of data trust and security across the enterprise, ensuring standards for cleanliness, compliance, privacy and ethicality.

Data Trust

Integrates a wide variety of existing and legacy tooling related to data governance, lineage, quality, and cataloging, ensuring data trust and security is maintained across the entire data estate.


Enterprise grade Server-less, OOB-Integrated, Configurable, Performant, Auto-audit enabled (Metadata driven) and Secured 'Visual Drag-n-drop Studio' to empower Citizen Data Scientist, Business Analyst users.

Platform Foundation

Automated Provision of Infra-as-Code using Terraform, with Auto-Scaling and High Availability. Enables cloud infra provisioning , network and platform security, and DevOps automation.

IDEA Offerings

Idea Offerings
Design for Industrialization

Service Benefits

Quick turnaround.

New connectors can be built as per the need to cover more sources due to a very scalable and agile architecture

Use of Cloud specific native services for the job

Quick notification on the success and failure of data migration service.

Code analyzer to provide the current landscape of code in the source side

Code analyzer to provide the current landscape of code in the source side.

Low Code No Code Data Pipeline creation.

With LCNC orchestration modules developers can drag and drop components on the canvas and easily build the data flows in the pipeline and generate DAGs with a click of a button.

Rich analytics powered by AI

Rich analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to amplify business intelligence.

Microservices Governance

Leverage microservices to benefit from flexibility, scalability, and bring new apps and services to market faster.

Minimize cost, risk, and disruption

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with consumption-based pricing and improved resource management with reduced risk, robust data protection, digital security, and compliance. .

Data-driven decision

Agile scalability and flexibility to respond to changing demands and avoid disruptions with greater access and democratization of data to enable data-driven decision making across the enterprise.
Certified By CISO
Certified by Independent Audit, Verification and Validation team
Assured KPIs for "High CNCF Maturity" (CNCF Audit Trail Map)
Assure & Validated KPIs for "Zero Trust Security" (powered by SCSS)

Assured & Validated KPIs for "DevSecOps 2.0" (DSOP by DoD)
Assured & Validated KPIs for Cloud SOC, Multi-Tenancy, Control & Telemetry SPOG-Plane
Assure & Validated KPIs for "Zero Trust Security" (powered by SCSS)
Proven Architecture (Certified by TDA)

Developed in Partnership with Hyperscaler

Next Steps

To learn more about IDEA by Capgemini and how we can help make data your competitive edge.
Visit : www.capgemini.com/ideabycapgemini

  • Mukesh Jain
    IDEA Head

  • Harsh Vardhan
    IDEA Chief Digital Leader & Chief Technology Architect

  • Eric Reich
    Offer Leader and Global Head AI & Data Engineering VP

  • Aurobindo Saha
    IDEA Principal Sales Architect

  • Sameer Kolhatkar
    IDEA GTM Lead

  • Sandip Brahmachari
    IDEA D&S Lead sandip.brahmachary@capgemini.com

  • Anupam Srivastava
    IDEA Engineering Lead

  • Subramanian Srinivasan
    IDEA Shared Services Lead